Tips for your tips


This week, the New York Times published an article about the refusal of  the nail polish industry to go through safety regulations, and the potential health risks of these controversial chemicals. I know I promised a sunscreen post, (and I’ll do it! I promise!) but in the meantime I want to give you all some alternatives to your weekly dose of formaldehyde and acetone, which can be harmful and unsafe for both the nail techs and the clients.

1) Look for nail polish and nail polish removers removers that don’t contain A)  dibutyl pthalate, which has been proven to cause cancer in animals, B) Toluene, which is found in gasoline and can cause headaches, and C) Formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and can cause blistering and allergies. Acetone found in most nail polish removers can cause dizziness as well, and can be easily avoided by using a healthy alternative. Try something like the odorless nail polish remover by Tates Natural Miracle. 21nuwlCuELL

It actually works, although you need a few extra swipes to fully get the polish off. If you’re stuck on using your normal nail polish remover, make sure you’re in a well ventilated space and you close the cap right away and try not to breathe it in.

2) My two favorite nail polish brands are Spa Ritual and Zoya.  Gorgeous formulas, long lasting, beautiful colors and very pigmented. Spa ritual even do a great peel off base coat, so you don’t need to remove with any harsh chemicals at all! They are both vegan, natural brands that are formulated without the usual toxins mentioned above, as well as others.


3) If your nail salon refuses to explore healthy options, I hate to say it but… Maybe it’s time to switch salons? Two great salons in Brooklyn that do amazing toxic free manicures are Green Spa and Nina’s Spa. They swap out the usual toxins for products like coconut oil which is a natural cuticle moisturizer, essential oils such as rose hip oil mixed with other non essential oils (to soak your nails in the bowl), and best of all they carry all the good toxic free nail and safe polish brands!


2 thoughts on “Tips for your tips

  1. Thank You for the Salon recommendations – I was looking for toxic free manicure salons in Brooklyn! How about we meet in person for a Mani one day? Would be great to meet you!


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